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Twone's News

Posted by Twone - December 22nd, 2017

Hi everyone!

So I've just uploaded three new original songs - haven't done any of those in a while!

the beauty of ruin - a solo piano sketch, semi-improvised. Kind of a film noir feel. I went for a very specific sound, and I think it's worth exploring further.

potentiality falls away - solo guitar, but parts are overdubbed. It's a kind of minimalist/post-rock/ambient tune where textures are built on top of a low-chord base. Lots of reverb and delay. It's a sadder tune. I guess I'm good at those.

INTERSTELLAR UPPERCUT - this is kind of a loveletter to Sonic Mania. The previous song was enough to make me want to try something completely different - a jazz-ish, fun, VGM tune. I've really wanted to dabble more into electronic music, so this was a good way to start. I haven't quite nailed the sound yet, but I'm learning!

They're from earlier this year, from a challenge that a few of my composer friends came up with called "Tunesday" - we would get an art prompt, and then we would have to write a piece of music based on that artwork in ONE WEEK OR LESS. We'd release songs on Tuesdays.

Despite having written these only in one week at a time, they're by far some of my favorite compositions so far. It's a really fun and challenging exercise, I'd love to do it again sometime!

I've also been real busy with work in music - mixing, arranging, and composing, as well as editing podcasts and audiobooks. If you need a big ol audio boy for your projects, hit me up!


Posted by Twone - May 29th, 2017

...considering that's when I remember to do them.

anyway so I've been a very busy boy these last few months, mostly working on... VGM covers. Which, honestly, is what I wanted to get away from and work on original music. But now that I've been collaborating with a bunch of awesome people, I've been more musically fulfilled. It's humbling.

So first order of business, I mentioned it in my last update, but New Game+ is out! OCR just put it on bandcamp recently, so listen to it here! I did the mixing and mastering on the album. The same group also put out a video on Facebook (I gotta see if they can put it on youtube or something), but I played some guitar on a cover from a little-known videogame called zorldo or something. Check it out! The second, not-as-good guitar solo is me.

Next order of business: WYRGAN. My post-metal band is doing some more VGM covers as well; I've started a series of covers from Hyper Light Drifter. I'm super stoked on this because (as you know) I love metal, and Hyper Light Drifter quickly became one of my favorite games ever. Disasterpeace's music complements the heavy post-rock/metal feel very well, so it was a good fit. I'm working on more currently, but the first of the series is now on Newgrounds.

Oh and that's my audition for the NGADM - this is the first time I've entered one in a while. Good luck to everyone!

Lastly, I'm going to be getting back into game design and composing for games. The former I am not familiar with, so I may be taking some classes. As for the latter... hit me up, kiddos. I'll be advertising a bit on the forums and such.

Ok thanks for reading everyone


Posted by Twone - September 18th, 2016

Hey everyone. I've been missing a bit lately. Here's why.


First off, I just uploaded a new song to my page - it's from the new Undertale tribute album by Materia Collective! I talk more in depth on the track itself, but you can pick up the album here to listen to 97 awesome covers of music from Undertale! I worked on the tracks Garbage Dump Stomp (clarinet and mixing), temshOp bluz (mixing), Undertale by the Triforce Quartet (mixing), and my own band's track "Premonition of a Flower." The album includes a crazy amount of talented musicians and arrangers such as the Triforce Quartet, DrumUltima, SoulEye, Nautilus T Party, John Robert Matz, AHMusic, Tetrimino, Sirenstar... AND SO MANY OTHERS. SO MANY OTHER TALENTED PEOPLE. JUST LISTEN TO IT. IT'S AMAZING.

Anywho, I've also been busy with another group - also named Materia (but not the collective), who has an album slated to release later this month! I did the mixing and mastering for their new album "New Game+." We sat on a panel during MAGLabs to talk about it and listen to the album, which got great feedback from the audience. This one is another "full-of-really-talented-people" album but the core band did the arrangements. I'll make a separate post about that once the album is released and/or I can talk about it more. Here's some of their demos you can check out in the meantime. Their guitarist, plays on a few of the tracks in the above Undertale album as well (he's very very good).


Life is going well, generally. Work is going smoothly, and I've got some more musical things in the works (Wyrgan included). And glasses. That's not all that fun (but I can see again!)


Please leave me a comment below telling me how you are doing so we can catch up, bbs. Missin y'all

Posted by Twone - June 27th, 2016



It's been a while. Sorry about that. It's a late Sunday evening, and I feel like updating my Newgrounds page to reflect my feelings


SO here are some super cool updates on my life:


First off, MAGFEST. I had the HUGE honor of joining the band Discocactus on stage for MAGFest 14 this past February! Here's a video of the performance. I was running the projector and make a guest appearance at around 34:00 ;)

But the rest of MAGFest was super fun! I met a lot of great people, seriously incredible musicians, and some super awesome game developers. Through this, I managed to meet some contacts both in the band Materia, who just announced an album that will be releasing sometime this year (which yours truly over here is mixing and mastering!), and a group called the Materia Collective.

What the flying fudge is the Materia Collective?

It's a group of musicians dedicated to releasing music of video game soundtracks, cover albums, and remixes. I just completed my first contribution to the collective for the newest album "Mobius: Sonic the Hedgehog Remixed." It's out now on Spotify, Loudr, and iTunes. I played guitar on "Lava Powerhouse" as well. This album was so much fun, and I'm really looking forward to doing more work with them! (YES THERE IS MORE STUFF HAPPENING BUT IT'S HUSH HUSH RIGHT NOW)

And of course, there's Wyrgan. In my last update, I mentioned that I was putting it on hiatus for a funk band I was playing with. Well... now that's kind of reversed. Wyrgan is not in full swing, but I am currently writing a new EP as well as arranging some music for the Collective via Wyrgan. It'll be a slow process, but it'll get done. Unless the sun burns out first. Dunno what I'll do then.


Other than that, I'm a full-time audio engineer for a recording studio, so it's hard to keep up with all my ~promises~ for the internet. I went through some old posts and noticed a list of "audio to come soon" and I don't even know what half of it even was (albiet six years later). So I'm not gonna outline anything like that. I'm gonna focus on mixing, composing music, and figuring out my god damn life. I'll be releasing things sporadically; some 8-bit stuff, some metal stuff, and then when I finally get a new Wyrgan EP up I'll write up something nice for you guys about it.


Well that wasn't very profound. Anyway, hope you are all well. I've missed you, Newgrounds. Let's hang out sometime.

Posted by Twone - November 23rd, 2015

Hey friends. Been a while. How ya been?


I don't NG much these days, as you can tell. Work's been nuts. Life's crazy. But I haven't given up on my dreams!

I'd still very much like to continue composing music for videogames and animations. It's been really tough, I guess I've been discouraged about it over the last few years as I tried to make it work, and it left me stuck in a weird spot. I tried to make Wyrgan a thing, but I'm definitely putting that on hiatus for now. It was a great (albeit stressful) time to make that album in just a month, but my head's in a different place right now musically. So where does that leave me now?

Well, for starters, I'm a guitarist a band (for real!). We'll be releasing an EP soon as well as playing more shows locally, which I'm really stoked about. It's an r&b/soul/jazz/rock influenced band, so it's kind of new territory for me musically. Now, while I'm venturing this part of the musical spectrum, this will not deter me from continuing back to the world of composing for games and films. So, tonight I uploaded a whole bunch of material that I was holding off on for a reason that I can't remember and/or doesn't matter anymore.

I guess I kinda wanted to vent a little bit. And, now that it's in writing, I'll have to get back in gear, right?



Anyway. Thanks for readin. Party on, Newgroundian brothers and sisters.

Posted by Twone - January 18th, 2015

Holy shit. I've been a member of Newgrounds for ten years now. When I joined, I was just a 13-year old little prick. Now, I'm a just a regular prick.


Since starting my time on Newgrounds, I have

- Graduated middle school (holy fuck)

- Bought my first guitar

- Started my first rock band

- Earned my black belt

- Got into college

- Started submitting to the Audio Portal

- Got an internship, getting credit on a short film, resulting in my own IMDB page (with my name misspelled, fuckers)

- Graduated college

- Started a career doing something that actually has to do with my degree

- Wrote a piece of music that I feel is one of my best and ambitious to date

- Wrote music for my first game


It's been a hell of a ride, NG. Life has been interesting for me. But I think I have NG to thank for exposing me to some really awesome games, talented musicians, incredible artists, and a strong sense of community over the internet (despite how weird y'all are). I'm really happy that I have quite a few fans now, and I have Newgrounds to thank for getting me off the ground. But I feel like I'm disappointing people by not releasing/writing enough music. I'm happy I did the video game covers, which helped me get my feet wet, but I think it's time I put stuff like that to rest. I mentioned in my interview with Asandir that I was doing a cover album of A Link to the Past, mostly sounding like this. Although it was a fun idea and I'm happy I started a project like that, I don't think I'll be finishing it. I need to spend some more time on original music. Maybe I'll polish some of it and release it incrementally on the portal.


I've got some interesting musical things in the works, and I can't wait to get the ball rolling on them and share it with y'all. For now though, you'll be hearing from me intermittently and some audio portal submissions inbetween. I hope to be more active and pump out a lot of music for your ear holes.


TL;DR: been on Newgrounds a long time, and I love y'all. Thanks for being cool.

Posted by Twone - January 27th, 2014

I'm featured this week in Asandir's interviews with forum users, so check it out! Be sure to drop Asandir a line as well, he's a swell guy!

Posted by Twone - January 14th, 2014




Posted by Twone - December 28th, 2013

It's been over a year since I posted to good ol NG, so I figured it's time for an update, for anyone and everyone interested (if not to keep myself motivated).

Within the next few months, I'll be recording a demo for a possible metal band that I'm trying to get together. I'm thinking something progressive, much like the stuff that I'm listening to now.  I might post them on NG for some feedback and criticism. I'm really liking how some of the composition is turning out, and I'll hopefully have some material released soon.

Also, I began working on a full-length cover album of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It's one of my favorite games, it's got some of my favorite game music, and I think it would work best as a metal cover. I'm still in the recording process, and working on it slowly but surely. I can't possibly give a release date as of yet, since I have lots of other IRL things happening. Check out my previous cover of the Hyrule Castle theme to hear what it'll be like: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/550039

I may release another demo of it on here, but I'm gonna save the rest for later!


Well, in conclusion,

Posted by Twone - December 2nd, 2012