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Entry #41

Bi-annual update

2017-05-29 13:03:39 by Twone

...considering that's when I remember to do them.

anyway so I've been a very busy boy these last few months, mostly working on... VGM covers. Which, honestly, is what I wanted to get away from and work on original music. But now that I've been collaborating with a bunch of awesome people, I've been more musically fulfilled. It's humbling.

So first order of business, I mentioned it in my last update, but New Game+ is out! OCR just put it on bandcamp recently, so listen to it here! I did the mixing and mastering on the album. The same group also put out a video on Facebook (I gotta see if they can put it on youtube or something), but I played some guitar on a cover from a little-known videogame called zorldo or something. Check it out! The second, not-as-good guitar solo is me.

Next order of business: WYRGAN. My post-metal band is doing some more VGM covers as well; I've started a series of covers from Hyper Light Drifter. I'm super stoked on this because (as you know) I love metal, and Hyper Light Drifter quickly became one of my favorite games ever. Disasterpeace's music complements the heavy post-rock/metal feel very well, so it was a good fit. I'm working on more currently, but the first of the series is now on Newgrounds.

Oh and that's my audition for the NGADM - this is the first time I've entered one in a while. Good luck to everyone!

Lastly, I'm going to be getting back into game design and composing for games. The former I am not familiar with, so I may be taking some classes. As for the latter... hit me up, kiddos. I'll be advertising a bit on the forums and such.

Ok thanks for reading everyone



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