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New music/update!

2016-09-18 12:52:50 by Twone

Hey everyone. I've been missing a bit lately. Here's why.


First off, I just uploaded a new song to my page - it's from the new Undertale tribute album by Materia Collective! I talk more in depth on the track itself, but you can pick up the album here to listen to 97 awesome covers of music from Undertale! I worked on the tracks Garbage Dump Stomp (clarinet and mixing), temshOp bluz (mixing), Undertale by the Triforce Quartet (mixing), and my own band's track "Premonition of a Flower." The album includes a crazy amount of talented musicians and arrangers such as the Triforce Quartet, DrumUltima, SoulEye, Nautilus T Party, John Robert Matz, AHMusic, Tetrimino, Sirenstar... AND SO MANY OTHERS. SO MANY OTHER TALENTED PEOPLE. JUST LISTEN TO IT. IT'S AMAZING.

Anywho, I've also been busy with another group - also named Materia (but not the collective), who has an album slated to release later this month! I did the mixing and mastering for their new album "New Game+." We sat on a panel during MAGLabs to talk about it and listen to the album, which got great feedback from the audience. This one is another "full-of-really-talented-people" album but the core band did the arrangements. I'll make a separate post about that once the album is released and/or I can talk about it more. Here's some of their demos you can check out in the meantime. Their guitarist, plays on a few of the tracks in the above Undertale album as well (he's very very good).


Life is going well, generally. Work is going smoothly, and I've got some more musical things in the works (Wyrgan included). And glasses. That's not all that fun (but I can see again!)


Please leave me a comment below telling me how you are doing so we can catch up, bbs. Missin y'all


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